Kin Ryu Karate and Expanded Covid Protocols

​Effective immediately:

  • If you/your child are feeling ill, please take a day or two off to get better. As COVID infections are getting worse again, please consider not coming to the dojo if you or someone else in your house is sick so we are not getting others at the Dojo sick.

  • Wear shoes to the dojo: this helps keep the germs off the mat. Shoes are also needed for when students take a bathroom break.

  • Make sure your feet are clean before getting on the mat. Especially during the summer time when wearing sandals/flip flops our feet attract more dirt.

  • Keep finger nails and toe nails cut short. Long nails can cut yourself or other students causing infections.

  • PLEASE do not pick your toes or rip toe/fingernails off in class!!

  • Keep uniforms clean and washed. If you are participating in several classes a week, have more than one uniform, particularly if you are

  • If you get blood on your uniform, please wash it prior to the next class. Remember, cold water wash will help get blood protein out. Warm or hot water will make it set and it will never come out.

  • If you know you or someone in your family has been exposed to someone with COVID, please do not come to the dojo until you have tested negative or are symptom free past the recommended quarantine time

  • Masks are still mandatory and must be worn in class. If students forget their mask, we have them available. Please make sure your mask fits properly and is worn over your nose and mouth.