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What is Kin Ryu Dojo?

Welcome to Kin Ryu Dojo! My name is Jason Legate. I began my training as a young child, and have since continued to pursue my own self-betterment. In our dojo, we practice a form of karate known as Kyokushin (Japanese for “The Ultimate Truth”). Some of the defining characteristics of Kyokushin include respect, honor, discipline, mental strength, and focus.

"Kin Ryu" means Golden Dragon, a name I took to both point to the geographic region I call home, Gold Country, as well as pay respect to my training lineage. I originally trained under the School of the Tiger, but the majority of my training came from Shihan Wah in the Bay Area. His school has a mural with both a Tiger and a Dragon, so I've opted to take the Dragon for my own school.

Please let us join you and help you on your martial arts journey, as you learn how to train hard, get in better shape, learn how to defend yourself, and work toward mastery of your own body. Along the way, you will learn a lot about what you’re capable of, mentally and physically, and get a great workout as you do so!

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